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Bishoujo Comic Lolicon Angel: Mitsu no Aji Episode 1


bishoujo comic lolicon angel mitsu no aji 1


Pumpkin Pie

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Release Date

January 09, 1985

Upload Date

September 10, 2020

Alternate Titles

Beautiful Girl Comic Lolita Complex Angel: Taste of Honey Bishoujo Comic Lolicon Angel: Mitsu no Aji Lolicon Angel Lolikon Angel 美少女コミック ロリコンエンジェル ~蜜の味~

Three young girls try to identify a thief who stole money from one of them. There are three suspects and each girl investigates them separately. The suspects are: a girl from their class with a secret connection to her teacher, a young boy from their class who's in love with the girl that investigates him, and an old man from school who mistakes the girl that investigates him as his daughter.