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Boku to Nurse no Kenshuu Nisshi Episode 1


boku to nurse no kenshuu nisshi 1

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Release Date

December 01, 2018

Upload Date

December 02, 2018

Alternate Titles

Boku to Nurse no Kenshuu Nisshi The Animation ボクと彼女[ナース]の研修日誌 THE ANIMATION ボクと彼女の研修日誌 THE ANIMATION 나와 그녀의 연수일지

Starting his new life as a resident doctor in pursuit of his dream of becoming a doctor, our main character reunites with his childhood friend the day he enters his program. Being his senior, she teaches him the ropes as he lives his busy life as a resident doctor. One day, he ends up protecting her during a fall. Fracturing bones in both his right arm and left leg, his residency ends up getting put on hiatus for the time being. His care was put under the ward that his childhood friend works at. She looks at him depressed, feeling a sense of guilt for what happened. Seeing her like that, he tells her that she can come and see him on his free time, to which she agrees. She agrees so much that she does more than enough in caring for him. And like that, the hospital love story between these two characters begins.