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Elfina - Servant Princess Episode 1


elfina servant princess 1

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Release Date

August 22, 2003

Upload Date

May 28, 2014

Alternate Titles

Elfeana Elfina - La princesa esclava Elfina: Yoru e to Urareta Oukoku de... The Animation Elufina Elufina - Servant Princess Servant Princess エルフィーナ ~淫夜へと売られた王国で...~ THE ANIMATION Erufina - When the Kingdom Was Sold to Lewdness 에르피나

On the day Princess Elfina of Fiel was to marry Prince Kwan, the Valdland army, led by Prince Viceard Balbacil attacked both Kwan's party and Firan castle.

In the resulting Valdland victory, Kwan is seriously injured and Elfina, along with all of the other women of Fiel, are forced into sexual subjugation. Viceard's plans are turned upside down, however, by the arrival of his first-love turned step-mother Marna, who brings Viceard news that his father plans to frame and kill him.

With the moderating force of Marna's presence on him, Elfina is exposed to Viceard's softer side, as the king's arrival and Kwan's escape promise to shake the occupied kingdom of Fiel.