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Eroriman 2 Episode 1





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Eroriman 2

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Release Date

October 28, 2022

Upload Date

October 29, 2022

The JK series is newly dressed for the “Petit” label coquttish doll!
Brugge LIGHT’s release “JK and Erotic Man 2” is now available as the first animation with new characters added!
A second stage that develops a new character with the same world view as Eroryman!
Mifuyu-chan’s black-haired serious girl’s cousin and namai-ki JK Aina-chan!
Mafuyu-sama, the most popular girl at the girls’ school that Aina attends!
Such a longed-for sister is transformed into a doero sister who is stripped and poked by Wolverine Man and made to go with ahegao face!
If Aina is deceived, she will desperately stop, but on the contrary, she will be able to show off the appearance of her sister violently devouring her cock!
Usually a cool and neat sister is slovenly disturbed and moaning in agony.