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Furifure 2 Episode 2


furifure 2 ep 2



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Furifure 2

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Release Date

April 26, 2018

Upload Date

May 03, 2018

Alternate Titles

Furifure 2 フリフレ2 후리후레2

I met him on a meetup site wanting money...
Not knowing he was my brother when we first met, I viewed him more as a person of the opposite sex, making our relationship not so easy to end…
Suddenly we ended up living together, he makes me succumb to pleasure as he assaults me in my sleep…
In exchange, I demand money from him, making our relationship very distorted…
But, his young sex drive meant him not showing moderation, and me ending up stuffing my cheeks with his raging member in the school’s toilet…
I'm filled by him in an empty classroom…
I have to end this relationship with him that causes my body to writhe in ecstasy as I fall into sweet pleasure…