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Kansen Episode - Inzai Toshi Episode 2


kansen 2 inzai toshi 2

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Release Date

June 25, 2010

Upload Date

June 03, 2014

Alternate Titles

Kansen 2 Inzai Toushi Kansen 2: Inzai Toshi 감염2 음죄도시 姦染2 淫罪都市

Kansen 2 (like the first episode) takes place during the initial outbreak of the Unknown virus epidemic, but the protagonists here have a much harder lot because they are stuck in the middle of a contaminated city immediately after its destruction by a mysterious cataclysm.

Stalked by hordes of infected maniacs, Hiroshi Ookura and his friends seek safety inside a mostly intact shopping mall, but madness and death are everywhere...