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Seijuuden: Twin Dolls Episode 2


seijuuden twin dolls 2



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Release Date

August 27, 1994

Upload Date

October 02, 2016

Alternate Titles

Sacred Beast Legend: Twin Dolls Seijuuden: Twin Dolls Twin Dolls 聖獣伝 ツインドールズ

Ai and Mai Amatsu are twin sisters, who have been trained by their grandmother Genshu in the family's spiritual traditions. Little do the twins know how useful being preistesses will be when vile creatures from the demon beast world appear to lead mankind astray. The lecherous monsters have an ancient vendetta against the Amatsu family for their part over the centuries in keeping the demon beast world at bay. Things become complicated when Genshu decides to fulfill the family's customary duty early as the guardians of the god Tenjin's descendant, who turns out to be a perverted youngman himself. Caught between the depravity of the demons and their young charge, will Ai and Mai be able to fend them all off?