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The Blackmail 2 Episode 1


the blackmail 2 ep 1

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Release Date

July 27, 2001

Upload Date

November 01, 2014

Alternate Titles

Blackmail 2 Kyouhaku II Kyouhaku Second: Mou Hitotsu no Ashita - The Animation The Blackmail II: The Animation 협박 II 脅迫II 脅迫II[セカンド] ~もうひとつの明日~ THE ANIMATION

All Asuka wants is a relaxing honeymoon after her dream wedding with her boyfriend Ryousuke. Unfortunately for her, her friends Aya and Tamami have other plans for her — on her way to the honeymoon, strange men kidnap Asuka and take her to a secret location where unspeakable acts of lust occur, while her friends watch.