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Tsugunai Episode 2





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Release Date

August 27, 2022

Upload Date

August 28, 2022

Alternate Titles

ツグナヒ ナマイキスポ処女・ナツキ~稚拙な屈辱~

New masochistic girls are coming to the “Petit” label coquttish doll!
Blue Gale’s immortal masterpiece “Tsugunahi” is now in its second anime adaptation, in which erotic cute characters are brutally tortured and corrupted!
In order to take revenge for hurting my beloved sister, I will carefully prepare the beautiful girls who have gained trust in the preparations and fall to the bottom of ○○!
After humiliating the high-handed lady Ruriko-sama in tatters, Natsuki, the namaikispo woman, ○○!
Punishment torture that increases the intensity so as to fold the Namaiki virgin who endures bullishly!
Gradually let the bullish eyes of the Namaiki girl bleed with a frightening color!
A sadistic drama of rich Eros that chases and tears off the beautiful girls who run away begins!
A cute and juicy Namaiki beautiful girl is blamed for the white-eyed hard and grieving eros, and your crotch is also mixed white sweat!