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Gakuen Nanafushigi Episode 2


gakuen nanafushigi 2

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Release Date

February 25, 2004

Upload Date

October 07, 2018

Alternate Titles

Gakuen Nanafushigi Sex Craft 학염칠부사의 学艶七不思議

When Kumi and her friends Reina and Mari play around with a witchboard, they accidently summon a malevolent ghost. The ghost possesses the girls, using them to steal people's sexual energy. Soon, Kumi is no longer acting on her own free will and is unconsciously seeking sex with men. Frightened, Kumi seeks the council of an exorcist, Tsunoda Mia. Meanwhile, a rapist with other-worldly powers is on the loose. When exorcist Mia investigates, she finds a man with an insatiable sexual appetite looking to fulfill his lust in death that he couldn't in life.