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Imouto wa Gal Kawaii Episode 1


Imouto wa Gal Kawaii Episode 1

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Release Date

February 05, 2023

Upload Date

February 06, 2023

Alternate Titles


GAL sister can make anything come true

Shohei Shindo has a sister-in-law when his father remarries.
That little sister is Rino Mizusawa.
Her appearance was GAL itself with blonde hair, piercings, and a miniskirt.
Shohei, who has an otaku hobby, and Rino, who speaks the GAL language, should never have any contact, but they end up living under one roof as a family.
Even if Shohei sees Rino wearing only a bath towel, she doesn’t mind and treats Shohei as her brother and sister in a friendly manner.
Shohei, who thought that it was her sister who was shy and spoiled, felt that living with GAL would be difficult.
However, it turns out that Rino also has the same otaku hobby as Shohei, and her communication begins to go well.
One day in such a situation, she ends up alone with Rino in the bathroom.
Her sister’s body looks attractive partly because the distance is close in a closed room.
Shohei put his own lips on his sister’s lips as if they were attracted to him.