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Kagirohi Shaku Kei – Another Episode 4


kagirohi shaku kei another 4

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Release Date

February 22, 2018

Upload Date

February 28, 2018

Alternate Titles

Kagirohi: Shaku Kei - Another かぎろひ~勺景~ Another 아지랑이: Shaku Kei - Another

Aoi is drugged, and his body won’t listen to him. Sumire smiles fearlessly as she tells him the truth about the accident that befell his family. She also tells him about the strange festival their village celebrates.

“I told her what I wanted… I wanted you, Aoi-san.”

At the hectic banquet, one of the girls takes furtive actions for her own ambitions. With her madness, the tragedy begins to unfold. This will all be over soon.