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Koumi-jima Shuu 7 de Umeru Mesu-tachi~ Episode 2


Koumi jima Shuu 7 de Umeru Mesu tachi Episode 2



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Release Date

May 17, 2023

Upload Date

May 23, 2023

Alternate Titles

子産み島 〜週7で産めるメスたち〜 #2

Synopsis of #2– Seiichi was transferred to a remote island called Ushihijima, commonly known as Childbearing Island, after being
asked by an acquaintance’s island chief as an outside gene, “I want you to impregnate all the eggs on the island.” Safely, he impregnates Konomi and fulfills his duty as a male, but he is asked to “immediately impregnate a second child”, and if you say such a thing in front of such an erotic body…! And not just Konomi, but also her mother, Kaori, and her younger sister, Noria…! All for the prosperity of the island! ! Due to the customs of the island, which specializes in the roles of females, women who want to satisfy the instincts of men who have thoughts of being superior to men from the bottom of their hearts! ! Women who feel supreme joy in pleasing a man and giving birth to a child! ! The 2nd episode of the heartful super-de girlfriend’s M woman lewd anime that loves a female! ! — [Character introduction] – Konomi Tachibana – The daughter of a guest house on a remote island. She is a lively island girl who has grown up in a damn erotic way.

I can’t help but worry about the main character who comes to the island from time to time because he wants to fulfill his duties as a woman as soon as possible .
She is aware that she is a boob ghost, and she
thinks it would be nice if the main character likes big breasts.
It’s too easy to deliver, so the shorts
are like her lewd denim.
Her personality is sullen and lascivious, and she often
secretly smells her main character, Trunks, in the dressing room. She masturbates
quite often while the protagonist stays at the inn .
She cums often.
Her dirty body is completely inherited from her mother.
●● would like to have at least five children.
The body is very soft.
I’m so healthy that I’ve never caught a cold. She doesn’t like studying.

●Riana Tachibana ●
Konomi’s younger sister, the daughter of an inn on a remote island.
Even though she
has the body of environmental sexual harassment, she is
a girl who has become feminized on an internet bulletin board.
She is negative about the customs of this island and she wants to go to Honshu as soon as possible. She (she has a boyfriend in Honshu)
but she ends up being more moody than Konomi.

●Kaori Tachibana ●
Owner of an inn on a remote island. she is the sister’s mother.
She is deeply influenced by the customs of this island and is a former married woman who finds it her greatest pleasure
to serve a man . She wants to impregnate her daughters first,