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Semen Analysis


semen analysis



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Release Date

September 10, 2015

Upload Date

March 18, 2016

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There's a men's room in every fertility clinic that is used to extract sperm from men.

In other words, it's a masturbation room.

Before entering the room, customers are handed a special cup, and they have to fill it to a certain degree by ejaculating into it.

However, that amount is far greater than you might expect.

Especially since many of the men who come in have performance issues.

It is said that in some rare cases, a clinic will have a special nurse whose specialty is extraction of semen.

You visit a clinic to check your infertility.

For the checkup, you are asked to fill a very large cup with your semen.

In an individual room, you rub yourself hard. Then, a sultry nurse comes in.

Name: Chiha Rokuhato

Profession: Nurse (in charge of semen collection)