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So_low Futago Shimai to Katei Kyoshi Episode 1


So low Futago Shimai to Katei Kyoshi Episode 1



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Release Date

July 28, 2023

Upload Date

August 02, 2023

Alternate Titles

so_low ~双子姉妹の蔑み~

We definitely don’t need it, but Maybe we should do it like last time… The two whispering are the twin sisters Mitsuki and Keijun. In the living room, Moe Mama Chihiro is in a meeting with the home tutor, Koda. The two, who have been annoyed by the home tutors assigned to them one after another, have driven them away each time. They are the twin sisters, the devilish older sister Keijun, who is academically excellent, a neat and beautiful girl, and also bewitches men, and the energetic, muscular, silly younger sister Mitsuki… On the other hand, the newly assigned home tutor, Fujio Koda, is a specialist in converting to continuous membership during the trial period, and was pumped up to firmly corrupt the twin beautiful girls this time as well… If you don’t want to be scattered, just quit quickly. Keijun and Mitsuki carry out Koda’s expulsion strategy on top of their plotting! Koda, who fell splendidly into the beautiful girl’s trap, was on the verge of being fired… The cheeky little devil beautiful girls, Keijun and Mitsuki. Staking his pride on always corrupting them and building up his track record, Koda decides to use every means to bring the two down… So_low Futago Shimai to Katei Kyoshi Episode 1

Shameless innocence The cheeky little devil twin beautiful girls make their appearance in the ‘gail fee・NUR’ label, bursting with maidenly charm! The cunning older sister, Keijun-chan, who hides a little devil beneath her serious mask, and the clumsy, silly younger sister, Mitsuki-chan, engage in lewd training with their uncle home tutor! Using every means to corrupt the twins who plot various schemes to drive him out! Keijun-chan, who is made to perform naughty pranks and forcefully sucked, is shown the fear of adults and is taken advantage of! She is played with and made to feel pleasure while studying alone to protect her younger sister! The sight of the little devil beautiful girl, who was full of confidence with her ability to manipulate men, enduring desperately and bravely covered in humiliation is a must-see! The ‘dripping shame’ of the cheeky brats moistened by the scolding of the uncle’s training is a crucible of excitement! Skillfully dodge and dominate the beautiful girl who glares and challenges! Please enjoy the ‘bursting maidenly charm’ of the relaxed twin sisters! so_low ~双子姉妹の蔑み~