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Succuba Mist Story The Animation Episode 1


succuba mist story the animation 1



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Release Date

October 05, 2017

Upload Date

October 23, 2017

Alternate Titles

Succuba Mist Story The Animation さきゅばみすと・すとーりー The Animation Demoness of Dreams 서큐버미스토 스토리

"I'm a super cute girl who's going to suck out all your semen <3"

Lidy always takes the initiative when it comes to sex. Every evening and every night, she "comes over to my place" and has her way with me! it's not that I hate her. If anything..., so... I want to... with her...

"If you want me to grant your wish, just give me some of your semen" his beautiful professor offers. What a thing to say! The distance closes between "those two". Just who are "those two"!?!?