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Sukebe Elf Tanbouki Episode 2


Sukebe Elf Tanbouki Episode 2



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Release Date

July 07, 2023

Upload Date

July 10, 2023

Alternate Titles


OVA スケベエルフ探訪記 #2 This is a product introduction for an anime adaptation of “Lewd Elf Chronicles,” a story about a lovey-dovey, baby-making life with a curvy, big-breasted, lewd elf who’s ignorant about sexual knowledge. Sukebe Elf Tanbouki Episode 2

After Maana the Lewd Elf, is it time for sex with her inexperienced older sister elf, Tieru!? Under the effect of an elf aphrodisiac, the protagonist, Kaz, becomes extremely aroused, and the lust of the lewd elf sisters cannot be stopped. Even after reaching his limit with the sisters, Kaz is still overwhelmed by his unending libido.

Appearing before him is their mother, Mafunaria, who created the elf aphrodisiac. She’s dressed in a lewd outfit and exudes a lot of sex appeal. An erotic life with the lewd elf mother and daughters that won’t end until they’re impregnated reaches its climax here!