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Tsurupeta Shugo Kishi Elfina Ochiru Episode 2


Tsurupeta Shugo Kishi Elfina Ochiru Episode 2 724x1024 1


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Release Date

June 23, 2023

Upload Date

July 01, 2023

Alternate Titles

つるぺた守護騎士 エルフィナ堕ちる

Welcome to the second animated adaptation of Kyō Tanabe’s captivating tale, ‘Tsurupeta Guardian Knight Elphina Falls’!

A knight’s oath is inviolable and their master’s command absolute. Witness the fall of Elphina, an elf knight, bereft of any means to maintain her dignity as an elf.

*This work employs in-motion technology to recreate the unique world that could only be experienced through comics.

The Story:

‘Knight Elphina in Ecstasy EP.3’ Elphina, who battles the brave in the arena, hasn’t yet been able to forsake her pride as a warrior. However, her body, engaged in a certain activity, has already awakened to pleasure.

‘Knight Elphina in Ecstasy EP.4’ Elphina, recognized for her exploits in the arena, is released from her role and returns to being a knight. When she visits the princess to report this, what unfolds is a party of promiscuity under the guise of a social gathering. Eventually recognizing the throbbing sensation within herself, Elphina transforms into the ‘Knight in Ecstasy’.

‘Knight Elphina in Ecstasy – Side Story’ Elphina and a human visit Rosetta, who rules over the paradise run by dark elves. The three quickly leave the subordinates and proceed to a room. Rosetta, who had been secretly sworn into a master-servant relationship, had long yearned for this human.

This release includes ‘Knight Elphina in Ecstasy EP.3,’ ‘Knight Elphina in Ecstasy EP.4,’ and ‘Knight Elphina in Ecstasy – Side Story,’ adapted from the original ‘Tsurupeta Guardian Knight Elphina Falls.